consistent parenting advice
consistent parenting advice

Spiritual Parenting

How Spiritual Parenting helps your children to affirm their innate sense of truth

Parenting in this way helps your child cope well with changes in life by giving life a mystical quality instead of a fearful approach. This enables a sense of adventure.

Spiritual Parenting allows you to nurture your child's spirituality by creating magic throughspiritual parenting

  • dancing
  • music
  • nature
  • beauty
  • silence
  • feelings
  • imagination
  • play

  • The core of your child's being is his spirituality -

    From here grows his sense of self esteem
    and the values and morals which bring his sense of belonging

    Spiritual Parenting

    spiritual parenting Music

    Sing togther often. Use music cd's, dvd's, instruments, pot lids, the sound of the wind, rain drumming on the roof, your voices, concerts, community events. Sing while you walk, bath, cook, clean and play. Make up songs, create nensense rhymes and tunes, sing the words of favourite books instead of reading them.


    Dance with your children often - through this glorious experience children learn about the joy of music and movement. Be a mirror to your child through your own sense of delighting in dance


    Open your child up to beauty and wonder by endowing the daily routine with peace and magic. Reveal this through loving guidance, through imaginative play and through your words, actions, songs and joy


    Go out often into nature through the changing seasons. Let your child get wet in puddles, skip together instead of walking, stop often to notice a different smell, make sure that you yourself delight in the marvel of the great outdoors. Learn together the names of plants and trees and delight in each others knowledge. Set up a nature table at home where new discoveries can be invited and encouraged


    spiritual parenting Teach your children to name their feelings by acknowledging and naming your own. "I'm feeling sad right now. That makes me feel very happy. I feel upset. I feel surprised". "I feel" statements will encourage your children to come up with their own, thus creating a healthy and wholesome sense of self. Ask them often, "How does that make you feel?"

    Listen to your children as well as talking with them. This validates not only their sense of self, but allows for the growth of their intuitive self. Really listen for what they are saying and show them that you hear.


    Show your child that life is magical, enchanting, rich and astonishing by creating unexpected pockets of surprise for them.

    My eldest two children still talk about the time their father woke them up at midnight, and took them in their pyjamas on a car ride to see the first lights on the village Christmas tree. By creating a magical adventure through his own infectious joy, their father gave them an opportunity to extend their own inner magic through his spiritual parenting approach.


    Don't be afraid to teach them about the beauty of silence. Encourage even young children to enjoy undisturbed quiet moments in your company. Teach them the value of walking together without talking. This is how they learn to feel and trust in their own inner peace.


    spiritual parenting Cherish your family with physical affection, with words of love, with little gifts of flowers, unusual finds in the garden, written notes of love, and through reading, playing, laughing and singing together.

    Give them your undivided time and attention when you are walking with them, encouraging them to talk about their day, their friends, their fears, their hopes and dreams and encourage, encourage, encourage.


    Create bedtime rituals that focus on the special nature of each of your children. Settle them into sleep feeling nourished,cherished and special. Try telling them "I love you today because..." and add a new reason for every night. Spiritual parenting in this way is a calm, child centred approach.

    Spiritual Afirmations

    spiritual parenting

    Learning and saying spiritual affirmations affirms within us the need to get in touch with and feed our intuition with positive nourishing thoughts.

    Family sayings create special feelings both within our children and among family members. They greatly enhance our children's need to feel a sense of belonging and help with the sense of bringing purpose and meaning into their lives

    Feed your child's emotional and spiritual development by making spiritual affirmations a part of your life.

    Find a sentence or two that speaks to you and your children
    Then practice it to make it your own

    • We love each other in this family

    • I'm so glad you were born

    • When you smile you light up my day

    Creating Parenting Magic - inject fun into the constant responsibility of parenting.

    Self Esteem Affirmations - Powerful tools for creating and enhancing your loving, emotional environment.

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