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Self Esteem Affirmations

These self esteem affirmations illustrate the rights of all new babies and show us how to create and enhance the most loving emotional environment.

The following spiritual affirmations were given to me many years ago and have stood the test of time.

self esteem affirmations
  • They have been my consistent and constant guide in establishing firm, clear and loving guidelines for my babies, my children and myself.

  • Print off these self esteem affirmations and say them often to your baby right from the start, so that they become part of you and your new born

  • As we read them, time and again we as parents are reminded by these powerful affirmations of the values we need to be living for ourselves, and the daily reading of them creates the opportunity for us to change our own emotional environment into one that is reflected by these timeless sayings.

Self Esteem Affirmations:


I am so glad you were born
You have every right to be here
I'm so glad you're a girl/boy
Your needs are Ok
I like to hold you
You don't have to hurry

It's Ok to do things on your own
It's OK for you to get support at the same time
You don't have to do tricks to get approval

I'm glad you're growing up
I'm not afraid of your anger
You can think about what you feel
You don't have to take care of others by thinking for them
You can be sure about what you need and what you think

You can be powerful and still have needs
You don't have to act scared or sick or mad or sad to get taken care of
You can express your feelings straight

You don't have to suffer to get what you want
You can think before you make that a rule of your own
You can trust your feelings to help you know
You can do it your own way
It's OK to disagree
I love you (unconditionally)

Although these self esteem affirmations are true for all ages, each of the paragraphs also separates into the powerful affirmations for different times of a child's life, following their physical and emotional maturity.

consistent parenting advice Can you imagine what it would feel like to have someone say these words to you?

Just like food and nourishment for the soul.

Feed your child's emotional development by making these spiritual affirmations a part of your life.

I suggest you print them off, laminate them, and hang them where you can read them frequently.

You Don't Have To Hurry

These are such important words for new babies and their parents

I'm So Glad You Were Born

Since I was a girl, my father has given me a card for each birthday with this written in it

I recommend this wonderful site:
Law of Attraction Parenting
How do affirmations work? Here is a great explanation for creating effective and powerful affirmations,which are based in the now and framed in positive language.

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