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Raising the Next Barack Obama

Raising the Next Barack Obama

A Guide to Develop Core Principles for Success in Your Child
A Must Read Book For Parents by Taneisha Burke

Being a parent is by far one of the most important jobs for any individual or household of individuals. It is in and of this job that the successful future of a nation is born. Every parent dreams of their children being successful in all their endeavours.

In "Raising the Next Barack Obama: A Guide to Develop Core Principles for Success in Your Child" the fundamental principles that are displayed in Obama which contributed to his success are meticulously examined. Moments of his life and everyday activities which parents can implement are used to emphasize these principles, which if applied with due diligence, guarantees greater success.

raising the next barack obama

Throughout the book Taniesha Burke motivates and inspires parents to take on the mandate of playing the crucial role in the development and success of their children. Parents should read this book with an open mind and a burning desire to improve their lives and that of their children.

In Raising the Next Barack Obama Taneisha examined core principles that are present in Pres. Obama which she believed attributed to his success.
These include:
  • Vision
  • Initiative
  • Persistence
  • Right Thoughts
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Be Authentic to Self
  • Being a Calm in the Storm
  • Integrity
  • Ability to Focus
  • Listening
  • Self-Confidence
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Attitude of Servitude
  • Taneisha says:

    "In each chapter I sought to capture the essence of the President through highlighting moments in his life where each core principle was evident while stating why it is important to nurture these principles in every child.

    In addition to this, I provide parents with fun activities which they can use while interacting with their children, to develop these principles in them. The activities include family time and the bonded experience which is critical to a child's development.

    The book is engaging and only 86 pages making it easy to read. However the information is so useful that parents will continue to use it as a source of reference."

    It is my privilege to bring you this inspiring interview from the author.

    Hello Taniesha,

    Can you tell me about yourself?

    taneisha burke

    Taniesha Burke is the CEO of Jamaica's first online Professional Baby Sitting Service, youth motivational speaker, freelance writer specializing in parenting, education, child development, children's health and safety, and mother.

    She has a M.Sc degree in Applied Psychology, is a tutor in the department of Psychology at the University of the West Indies, a member of the Nova Powerspeakers and Toastmaster International Club. Taniesha is also a recipient of the Vital Voices Global Partnership Washington, D.C., which is an organisation that identifies and trains emerging women leaders around the world.

    Taniesha's mandate is to empower and transform the lives of young parents leaving them with invaluable insights and tools for success in their lives and success in their parenting journey. In essence, her goal is to instill a new hope in them and a vision for themselves and their dependents. This mandate has led Taniesha to partner with the National Youth Services where she motivates and inspires the organizations young participants to take control of their lives and destiny.

    How did you become an author?

    I began my writing career through contributing articles on child development to the local newspaper. I took this initiative as I wanted to share my knowledge to not only my clients but with parents in Jamaica and the world.

    What was your reason for writing about Barack Obama?

    I have been a fan of the president for a number of years. I saw him at the National Democratic Convention in 2004 and was impressed by his eloquence. Shortly after I was introduced to his autobiography "Dreams from my Father". I was blown away by his tenacity and his ability to achieve so much regardless of being in from a single parent home and the colour of his skin.

    When he began his campaign for the presidency I was hooked. After the election on November 4 I found myself reflecting on his monumental victory. This led me to reflect on some of the core principles I found in him. These principles I believe all our children can benefit from possessing.

    Why do you believe the values you have outlined in your book are so important for raising children?

    The information in the book is not merely written from my head. In examining each principle, I research the importance and effects on the human mind and body. In doing this several empirical studies were reviewed.

    One group of literature I reviewed was from a man by the name of Napoleon Hill. He wrote in the 1920s and study several successful people such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford. He realised that every successful person had a similar pattern of behaviour and core values. It is some of these values that are mentioned in the book. The book is tailored to fit the home setting and family interaction. Once we as parents see the value of developing these principles in our children they too can become a success

    Will you tell us what you mean about the bonded experience?

    Our world has changed drastically. We now live in a world where everything goes fast. As such the family is not bonding as it should. Also, we now have a situation whereby everyone is in the house but no one is bonding as they are all engaged in their own form of entertainment. The book highlights the importance of the family getting together and sharing again. It is through family meetings conflicts can be resolved before they escalate, the parents values are transferred to children and the strong development of an effective communication system.

    What else would you like to tell us about your book?

    The book is not a book which suggests that what the parents have been doing is wrong. It is a reminder of some of the things we forget to do and provides variations on how to do them. In the analysis of each principle, parents are given activities they can implement in their daily interaction with their children.

    What are your intentions for the book?

    My intention for the book is that the information shared will assist in strengthening the parent-child relationship. Once the family is strong and moving in the right direction our world will be better.

    Is there a website for the book?

    The site is

    Where can the book be purchased?

    Reviews for Raising the Next Barack Obama

    Raising the Next Barack Obama is a fun and educational guide which is a must read for mothers who want to instill the solid, presidential demeanor and confidence of the next U.S. president. Buy and enjoy!
    By Lori Quaranta (CT USA) -

    "Raising the Next Barack Obama" is your guide to instilling and encouraging the leadership, confidence and poise that shaped this remarkable leader."
    Dr. Karen Otazo, author of The Truth About Being a Leader

    Thank you for the opportunity for sharing this book with your readers.

    Taniesha Burke

    CEO, Preston Childcare Services

    Tel: 876-542-3191

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