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Raising Children

How do we go about raising children who are optimistic, positive, respectful and cheerful? Children who handle responsibility and have great self esteem?

What do we do when we have kids fighting and showing a lot of aggression?

How do we help our children to become resilient?

What do you think about the debates over discipline and spanking children?

Can we help our children to increase their concentration?

raising children, positive children, children chores How can we raise children who are respectful and have plenty of confidence?

Or encourage reading and cooking skills in our kids?

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Read about Raising Children:

  • Raising Confident Kids
    Confidence comes about through experience - Experience comes about by doing it yourself. Don't do it for them - step back and allow your children the opportunities to get the experience for themselves.
  • Common Discipline Mistakes
    When discipline is poorly handled, it can actually make bad behavior worse instead of improving it. As parents, we have to discipline our children if we want them to engage in proper behavior and adhere to social norms, but sometimes in our effort to correct them, we end up making mistakes. Here are several things to watch out for and avoid.
  • Nail Biting in Children
    Nail biting is one of the most common habits amongst children. Studies estimate that up to 30% of children bite their fingernails at one point or another. Although a large percentage of them will outgrow the habit with increasing age, it's best to get a grip on the problem as soon as possible so that the child doesn't carry the habit all the way into adulthood. Here are several ways to help your child stop nail biting.
  • How to Build Self Confidence
    Encourage risk taking, don't solve your children's problems for them, and remember to commend them. Often!
  • Children and Self Esteem
    Learning new skills and gaining mastery over themselves are great ways to improve self esteem in children.raising children, increasing concentration
    Self esteem in best gained through their own personal experience.
  • Increasing Concentration
    How do we help our children increase concentration and develop a wider attention span? What benefit does increasing concentration bring?
  • Anxiety in Children - Child Safety Tips
    Learning these child safety tips and rehearsing their use regularly is one way to help combat anxiety in children and to promote greater self control and confidence.
  • Internet Threats to Children
    The internet is playing a more important role in the life of everyone, including children. Unfortunately, as well as the positives, there are certain potential threats to children when they are online. So, what are these threats and how can they be prevented?
  • Whining kids - Sometimes it's when kids are at their worst that we need to be at our best. Whining is one of the most annoying behaviors parents have to put up with. So what do you do when your child is in a whiny mood and nothing helps?
  • Children Reading
    How to encourage, support and endorse children reading so that it becomes their passion? A large part of the key to this, is your attitude as parents towards books and reading.

  • Children Cooking
    Cooking with children encourages creativity, an understanding of bad eating habits, responsibility and involvement. It requires hands on use of math concepts, planning, thinking, and time management. Cooking with children provides opportunities for parenting and sibling bonding and mastery of new skills, as well as lots of fun!
  • Positive Self Talk
    Teaching communication skills to children includes teaching them about positive self talk. It is extremely beneficial while raising children to show them positive ways of thinking, and how to recognize that inner message voice of positive self talk.
  • Low Self Esteem Signs
    Parents are often first alerted to low self esteem signs in their children when their child mentions falling out with another child at school. Or maybe your child's teacher mentions that your child has become withdrawn or stopped socializing with particular friends.
  • Children, Obesity and Self Esteem
    Because children learn through observation, there is a close connection between children obesity and self esteem. Children observe the messages that are played out through their family's beliefs about size, shape, weight and self esteem.
  • consistent parenting advice
  • Aggression in Children Aggression in children is part of their normal pattern of development. Young children can act aggressively when things don't go their way - they lash out, bite, kick, hit and punch - all highly embarrassing to their parents!
  • Spanking Children
    Huge debates rage about spanking children in countries all over the world at present. Many people use as their evidence 'for' spanking, that they themselves were spanked as children and it did them no harm. On the other hand, many can tell absolute horror stories of the punishments meted out to them by 'loving' parents.
  • Kids Fighting
    Why are my kids fighting with each other? There are many different reasons - but very often it is boredom that is the main reason. Many parents find that rainy days during the school holidays are when their children fight the most. Kids fighting happens in all families and is another of the delights of raising children!
  • raising children, building resilience in children
  • Building Resilience in Children
    How do we go about building resilience in children? Resilience is another way of describing emotional stamina. For our children to have this mastered, we have to have allowed them opportunities for mastery. This means stretching them at times, encouraging them towards situations that may mean failing at first so that they can search for and find that inner toughness that allows them to bounce back and to try again.
  • Children and Chores
    Children chores, attitude and responsibility is the subject of much debate. Should children do chores? What do you think?

Websites about Raising Children:

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Raise Smart Kid
A busy mom's guide filled with free and easy, home based activities to boost the development of children. It focuses on the importance of all the different development areas and how to optimally stimulate a baby to achieve these milestones and at the same time spend quality time with them having fun.
A parent's guide to child safety created for and by parents. A compilation of firsthand experience, lessons learned, and information gathered while raising our own children.

Practical Parenting Advice is a FREE one-stop resource for parents and professionals wanting tips and support on child behaviour, development and family relationships.
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