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Parenting Toddlers

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Parenting toddlers can be a time of heartfelt joy, tremendous frustration, aching tiredness, and wonderful discoveries!

It requires enormous amounts of patience, and huge reserves of composure. Never will our reserves be tested as strongly as they are during this tremendous learning time for our selves and our child.

It requires whole new levels of awareness and a different kind of parenting than that of babies.

Here's a good tip for parenting toddlers -:

Instead of confusing your toddler with too much variety, offer him only limited choices so it's easier for him to learn how to make decisions.

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  • Try being more clear, firm and consistent in your parenting approach. For a child in the stage of terrible two's being asked "do you?" almost invariably requires a loud "NO!" in reply.
  • toddler sleep problems
  • Toddler sleep problems have a negative effect on the whole household.
    Sleepless nights create obnoxious youngsters and parents who feel shattered beyond belief.
  • How to Stop Pacifier Use Here is a wonderful review for the best book I have read on this subject. Rather than dishing out a list of shoulds regarding your child's use of their pacifier or bottle this book helps to educate parents on the importance of these objects in your child's lives. Highly recommended!
  • Terrible Twos behaviour is natural behaviour for growing little ones. It has nothing to do with good or bad children. It's completely natural for your toddler to start saying NO!
  • Toddlers Sharing So many parents despair about teaching their toddlers to share their toys. Parents often struggle with their own feelings when they feel forced to make their toddler give up a toy to another child.
  • Tantrums occur all too frequently! Dealing with toddler temper tantrums, rage and sudden displays of anger, will be much easier for us if we disabuse ourselves of the whole idea that expressing anger is wrong.
  • Aggression in toddlers is part of their normal pattern of development. Two year olds lack social skills, are totally egocentric and have few communication skills. Therefore they act aggressively when things don't go their way - they lash out, bite, kick, hit and punch - all highly embarrassing to their parents.
  • Toddler Behavior - Anger - Many parents are greatly surprised by their child's behavior when he/she displays anger. A little one's anger can seem so powerful and at times so personally directed, that it is hard not to react powerfully back. Parents can then be taken by surprise at the intensity behind their own emotions and experience considerable shame in the way they are confronted by their tot's aggression, tantrums and out right rage.
  • Toddler Eating - Problems and Habits
    Toddler eating habits can sometimes prove quite troublesome! Eating is a choice that toddlers have the power to make, and it doesn't take them long to seize an opportunity for a power game over their parents.Read more here.
  • Biting can also be a problem when parenting toddlers. When your child bites, he is telling you in the only way he knows, that something is bothering him. It may be that he's overexcited or tired, bored or frustrated, confused or hungry. Learn how to stop this before it becomes habitual.
  • Children boost self esteem through play. While they play, children are developing an understanding of themselves and others, increasing their mastery and knowledge of their physical world, and learning to communicate with others.
  • consistent parenting advice
  • Parenting Advice incorporates many ideas. Understanding the need to set limits and boundaries is a large part of parenting toddlers. I am a firm believer that the first three years of a child's life last forever. Remind yourself daily that these days of parenting toddlers are the most valuable building blocks for them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Too many choices are just too confusing for a little one and often the cause of conflict and tantrums.
  • Try to be vigilant with your communication as this certainly lessens the turbulence of the times.

Parenting Toddlers websites I recommend:

Preschool Playbook
I hope to use this site to share the many experiences I have had with preschoolers during my 20 years of teaching. I would like to share crafts, activities, and some insights.

TODDL3R is Parenting
Get the best, latest news. Share stories. Ask questions. Get answers. Meet people.Create a profile to track your reading history and comments. Want to follow a particular brand, toy or behavior?

Are you struggling to deal with tantrums and other toddler problems? Need inspiration for fun activities and games? This site is here to help. Raising a young child is often challenging - but a lot of fun too.

Preschool rock .com
Learn - grow - rock - a site for toddlers filled with great information

family friendly site

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