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Here is a selection of parenting resources and activities for families available on the Internet. Enjoy!

When the time is right, the World Wide Web can be used as an incredible parenting resource!

It's always helpful for parents to keep up to speed with their children's ability to scan the ever broadening internet horizon too.

A lot of what's available online provides for tremendously good interactive play for parents to be involved with their youngsters.

Check out our toddler online games and our online games for children.

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    dictionary for dads
    Dictionary for Dad’s provides resources and information which are fundamental in assisting men in making informed decisions based on education, research and practical experience all provided by Dictionary for Dad’s. In doing so, we strive to reinforce the positive male role model in our society while increasing the social welfare of children throughout our world. Dictionary for Dad’s believes that the label of a “dad” is one which is earned not one that is provided through birth.

    text description
    Offering direct sources to high quality games and gaming consoles that promote learning, fun, and family togetherness.

    The Gaming School homework assistance, Brought to you by the, Parents and Educators will now have a tool that encourages learning and creative problem solving by motivating their children to earn game / TV time / online time / and phone time.

    Sir Ken Robinson is a fantastic speaker and this talk on creativity and schools is excellent. Highly recommended as a parenting resource! Play online word finds of many different varieties, then explore further for more great activities for kids to do! Here you can find many different printable resources for your preschooler. Themed around English, Maths, Geography and Science as well as things we do and see. Highly recommended! Guide to maximize your child's potential through the use of child toys and games which are fun, safe and educational. Family day out and things to do
    This blog is for families to share resources, trips etc about days out and things to do for free or a little cost. The spirit of the bludger is to have maximum fun for minimum cost. U.K. Heaps of Creative and fun activities for toddlers - take a look!

    Free printable games, safe online kid's games, and lots of game ideas for parents, teachers, and kids!

    Raising children is also about helping them to find their place in the natural world and recognizing the connection and unity between all living things. Kiddie Gardens has loads of ideas and simple instructions on growing plants and creating gardens which children will love to spend time in. Get ideas and help with kids cooking activities including kids cooking lesson plans, kids seasonal cooking activities, kids craft recipes, easy kids meals and so much more. Get your child involved in the kitchen with kids cooking activities. Very popular free online games, puzzles, jigsaws, coloring pages and heaps of other exciting kid's activities Play Free Online Kids Games: Java and Flash children's computer games. Lots of fun and entertaining games for Kids and Big Kids! Features a variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters.

    Parenting Resources - Craft Ideas

    creat a baby book
    Create a Baby Book

    Why not create a baby book for your baby to love?

    There is just something about a personalized and home made book that would make any baby feel extra loved. Homemade books also make great gifts.


    If you have a web site that would fit well here, please contact me with your info and I will gladly add it to Consistent Parenting Resources.
    Family friendly social support site and discussion forum for issues affecting everyone from child to adult. Free forum registration, new members always welcome!

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