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Parenting Questions

parenting questions

Here are some of your parenting questions and answers which are shared in the hope that other parents may be helped from them too.

Parenting has always been a much shared activity and parents learn a great deal about themselves and their parenting through being around other parents.

Do contact me to either ask a question or to share your experiences.

If suitable, the answers will be published on this page so that we may all be helped.

If you prefer just to ask your question and not have it published, please just say so. I am always happy to reply to questions that are within my field of expertise.

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Parenting Questions:

Children and chores, attitudes and responsibilties is the subject of much debate. Some parents ask if children should do chores, believing that it's not their responsibility to cook or clean. Other parents believe that children learn responsibility and necessary experience for life by regularly doing their part in household chores. What do you think? Today the question of free play and learning has become problematic because so many working parents are just so short of quality family time. Is free playtime more important than education for my eight year old?
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After severe illness in children, a parenting schedule is often needed to boost self esteem again in both parents and children. Why has he 'forgotten' what he'd already learned? Can you help? I have a one year old who has been taking the dummy since 2 months old. However instead of being less attached to it she has become more attached to it, although I try and use it only for sleeping. Help please. My experience is that me and all my friends are always looking out for what is new for babies in our parenting and end up all over the place. I feel like what I do is bits of every body else's ideas. My question is how do I find a parenting way I can trust? I'm trying to be a good parent by following the giving choices advice, but it's not working at all and I'm at my wits end. What to do when your child refuses to go along with the "giving choices" plan?

Sharing Parenting Questions:

consistent parenting advice It's certainly no chance thing that parents are drawn to others with children in the same age group.

Parenting requires lots of confidence, advice and support. The best place for parenting advice is from our peers - those adults who are raising children in the same culture and understanding that we have.

Do you have a question requiring some parenting advice?

Have you had experiences in your parenting that you feel would help others?
Maybe you have had times when your consistent approach made all the difference?

Why not share these experiences in the hope that others may be helped and inspired too.

You can be assured that your email details are safe with me and will not be shared with any others.
Should you wish your question to remain confidential, simply tell me that on the contact form, and I will reply directly to you.

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