consistent parenting advice
consistent parenting advice

Parenting Advice Toddler Limits, Boundaries and Growth

Parents are boundary makers erecting emotional safety fences for their toddlers

My experience of parenting advice for toddlers today is right up to date, as my grandson, who is just two years old, gives me every opportunity for observation.

parenting advice toddler He is a happy little boy, full of beans and energy and pushing firmly against every boundary as he learns to assert himself!

When parenting toddlers, it helps to see them as being constrained by a giant rubber band.

The toddler stretches it by pushing against it to its limits then it pulls him back towards babyhood again. It helps parents to be aware of this to and fro process and to guide their toddler accordingly.

We need awareness to assess which end of the rubber band they are experiencing at any given moment.

Parenting toddlers requires enormous amounts of patience, and huge reserves of composure. Never will our reserves be tested as strongly as they are during this tremendous learning time for our toddler.

parenting advice toddler The average toddler can be cute and sweet natured one minute and feisty, determined and volcanic the next. Because their behaviour is so unpredictable, the very last thing toddlers need is unpredictable parents.

Toddlers need clear, firm boundaries in order to feel safe and secure

You as parents are the boundary makers, erecting emotional safety fences for your children.

I am a firm believer that the first three years of a child's life last forever.

Remind yourself daily that these days with your toddler are the most valuable building blocks for them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Parenting Advice Toddler - Ideas:

parenting advice toddler One important observation I would make is that first time parents often seem unaware of the very quick mental growth spurts toddlers make. Often the grizzling of a toddler is more about boredom and your need to supply greater stimulation.

Take a look at the toys and activities he has around him and assess if they are really adequate for his needs.This seems so simple but is often not apparent to young parents who struggle to see their baby growing up and changing so quickly.

parenting advice toddler Many parents say that their toddler will not amuse himself but instead requires their continual input. This can be very exhausting as well as not conducive to a toddler's learning.

Could this in part be because the activities are not enough to engage their interest and creativity?

Toddlers are just the right age to begin imaginative play. Take the opportunity to show your toddler how to pretend.

Use their soft toys, teddies and dolls and show your child how to create lifelike situations with them.

parenting advice toddler Look around for new playgrounds in your neighbourhood to walk to, rather than the same one.

Broaden your walks to include new streets and different parks and gardens.

Build piles of leaves to run through together, gather odd shaped stones while you explore.

Don't be afraid to let your toddler get down and dirty!

All of these activities greatly enhance the imaginative growth of your toddler.

You may be really surprised at the hours of fun you can observe when you put water, sand, mud and plants together. Use plastic kitchen utensils to introduce imaginative play outside.

Parenting Advice - Toddler Play Tip

Steven's parents recently spent a whole day packing away all his baby toys after complaining that he had become grizzly and difficult during the day.

While they mourn the passing of his baby days, they are greatly surprised at the change in his manner now they have introduced more age appropriate activities for him.

Although they eventually expected to have a sandpit, water play, and climbing frame outdoors, it hadn't occurred to them that at eighteen months, their toddler was ready for these activities now.

Steven's mother commented that fresh and innovative ideas for play already existed within their home.

It just hadn't occurred to them that their little boy was growing up so quickly and they acknowledged they were clinging to his babyhood still.

Parenting Advice - Toddler Growth:


Continue to talk, talk, and talk with your toddler.

A toddler's vocabulary is increasing daily at this stage, although their understanding still greatly surpasses their ability to articulate.

Don't underestimate how valuable talking to your toddler is.

If you explain what, how, why and when throughout your day, you are greatly helping your child's understanding in so many different ways.

For some parents this just comes naturally, but other parents need to work hard at incorporating this in their daily life.

Your time and your attention are the greatest gifts you can give to your toddler.

Many parents know in hindsight that this is where they fell short during their toddler's early years.

Resolve within yourself to know this as a truth and each day make it your aim to spend time parenting toddler in guided play activities that help him to further explore on his own.

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