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New Baby Information

new baby information

Most new parents agree that gathering up new baby information to help support their growing knowledge of newborns is difficult and often stressful.

Oh the joy!
and oh the stress!
of being a new parent.......

It means searching through the enormous amount of books and parenting articles which have been written on infant baby parenting.

Your family and friends will all add their advice to this copious collection of knowledge on new baby information. First time parents often feel completely bombarded by the unsolicited advice coming at them from all directions.

This is when the lifelong task begins of sorting the wood from the trees and of developing your own parenting style based on your own experience.

The following links lead to plenty of new baby information

Read about the following:

  • Baby sleep problems
    Getting baby to sleep seems to be the focus of much of baby sleep problems in the early days of new mothering. This of course is tied into feeding baby and establishing routines. Parents' questions about sleeping are numerous and cover many different problem areas.
  • Shall we swaddle baby, or use a baby sleep sack?Should my baby sleep all night and from what age?
    Is a baby sleep schedule the way to go or will I just wing it each day?
    Shall we try the no crying method or let our toddler cry it out?
  • Breastfeeding questions are a part of the new baby and feeding process. Access some information here to answer your breastfeeding questions.
    new baby information
  • Feeding
    What, Where, and How often? Here is a website that gives advice about the best books on this subject.
  • Different parenting styles,
    As new parents, the style of your parenting may not even be in your thought processes yet!
  • Attachment and Parenting
    The notion of attachment and parenting has had some interesting media representation over recent years. Understanding what is at the heart of attachment and parenting is critically important to our babies brain development.
  • Routines and schedules
    There are many viewpoints about this and you will receive lots of other Parenting advice as part of all the new baby information.
  • The earlier you learn and understand how to be a clear, firm and consistent parent, the better off both you and your baby will be.
  • consistent parenting advice
  • Did you know you can teach your baby to communicate with you using baby sign language?
  • Often when new parents come to me for help, I spend some time reminding them to take care of their own most basic needs.

  • Topamax use in Pregnancy
    It is important for all women, especially those of childbearing age, to be aware of the risks associated with Topamax treatment.

  • Babies follow a quite predictable line of development milestones during their first year. Read more about baby development month by month in the first year.

    To help your awareness in promoting sound emotional growth I suggest you download Self Esteem Affirmations for Baby

    International adoption facts and information.
    Helpful information to guide you through your international adoption.

    New baby websites I recommend:

    Dr Maud, a pediatrician, provides up-to-date health information and practical medical advice for parents of infants and toddlers

    Love of
    Jennifer Dionne is a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about helping other moms through the challenges of motherhood. Her website is a comprehensive view of pregnancy and parenting.
    Pregnancy - Mother and child. The only place you need for expectant mums, new born babies, mothers and young families !

    Raising Twins  is about parenting twins. Parenting twins and other multiples is an exciting challenge that requires some unique strategies to cope! From shopping for affordable baby equipment to handling crazy mealtimes and bath times, parents need to be armed with as much practical information as possible!

    Bumps n Beyond
    A Website with information regarding Trying to conceive, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting as well as having an Active members only forum

    Make Baby Stuff - Baby crafts tutorials, instructions for how to make baby clothes, how to make baby toys and tons of DIY crafty projects for all things baby! Your how-to resource for baby's homemade lifestyle.

    Parent Super Site - Super online parenting resource for mothers and fathers with children of all ages, where every parent is super!

    family friendly site

Such Wonder
Such Innocence

Recommended Sites:

A comprehensive baby books guide
for the under 3's.

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