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consistent parenting advice

Maternity Wear Do's and Dont's

Just because you are pregnant, it doesn't mean you have to look frumpy, or worse still podgy. It can be tempting to hide your pregnancy figure in either a tent or your partners cast-offs, but there are ways to look good without drowning in a sea of fabric.

The secret is to dress as you would if you weren't pregnant, so show off your best assets and hide the flaws. Of course one of the best assets you have is your bump, so show it off!

Don't be afraid to go for items that are fitted around the bump, that way you will be showing off the bump and making it clear that you are pregnant and not just fat.

maternity wear

When looking for tops, go for ones that are cut in such a way so that they are form fitting over your growing belly. If the top shows the contour of your belly it is far more flattering than one that covers you up in loads of fabric. By being shaped around the belly it shows that the rest of you is smaller in comparison to your belly. However, if you swamp your belly in a tent of fabric, then it makes it look like you are that size all over!

Another good tip to show off your bump is to go for tops with rushing, ties or gathering under the bump. This emphasises the shape and avoids that tent look.

Getting a figure skimming dress is another great way to show off your fab new figure and still look chic yet sexy.

Another important maternity buy is a good pair of jeans. A pair of maternity jeans should be a staple in every pregnant woman's wardrobe. These will flatter your bump throughout your pregnancy and again, make you look pregnant and not fat. When choosing jeans, it is a matter of preference, so try on a number of styles and choose what suits you the most.

Finally don't skimp on your underwear, particularly a good maternity bra, as the wrong underwear can make you look flabby. As your breast size increases during your pregnancy you will need a bigger bra as a too small bra is not only uncomfortable but also unflattering.

Check out mamas and papas maternity wear for some fantastic ideas on the latest maternity fashion. For those who also enjoy keeping healthy through swimming they also have a nice range of maternity swimwear.

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