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Improving Self Confidence

The task of improving self confidence
can seem insurmountable at times.

It appears to come down to an inner battle for the mind - a battle waged between two parts of ourselves.

There is the part that wants to believe that we can, we will, and we do! However, there is also the part that says I can't, I'm not good enough, and why bother?

These two voices carry on their inner battle continuously.

For many of us, because of toxic parenting or other negative experiences, the negative voice becomes the voice of power and it appears the most believable.

Our personal beliefs feed into this voice, keeping it believing in itself and causing a repetitive pattern of self defeat, judgement and pain.

Among the feelings that keep us from being self confident are guilt, fear, and shame. These are powerful emotions, often deeply buried and hidden within us.

Improving Self Confidence
improving self confidence

There is hope, however. A positive inner voice can also be gained through the the secret of self compassion. The ingredients of this are awareness, understanding, aceptance and self forgiveness. These wonderful values create a positive mindset which aids in improving self confidence.

With help, we can free ourselves from self defeating negative emotions, and through awareness, understanding and compassion, we can have improving self confidence.

improving self confidence

Recognising that our confidence needs improving can be the beginning of much positive change for our family.

By improving self confidence as parents, we then enable our children to also grow into confident, self aware, happy individuals.

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Improving Self Confidence:

The following articles focus on improving self confidence:

  • Developing Self Confidence
    Developing self confidence is about believing in our own abilities. A growing child's developing self confidence reflects both positive interactions with his environment and a growing trust in others and himself.
    Self confidence is about having a belief in our own abilities.

    raising children, increasing concentration
  • Raising Confident Kids
    Confidence comes about through experience - Experience comes about by doing it yourself. Don't do it for them - step back and allow your children the opportunities to get the experience for themselves.

  • How to Build Self Confidence
    Encourage risk taking, don't solve your children's problems for them, and remember to commend them. Often! How? Read more here.

  • Over Parenting is directly related to a parents' level of self confidence, both in the world around them and within themselves. Parents who allow their children to make decisions for themselves, to have plenty of free play time and to explore the world around them, express a level of confidence and trust, both in the greater world and within themselves.

Ways to Improve Self Esteem

ways to improve self esteem, children Learning new skills and gaining mastery over themselves are great ways to improve self esteem in children. Sure, praise your children and tell them you are proud, both of them and for them.

However, children learn best when they know it for themselves by their own experience.

Boosting self esteem by telling them they are great kids is no substitute for gaining this knowledge through their own personal experience.

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arrow gif Ways to Improve Self Esteem

arrow gif Self Respect
We like ourselves because of who we are and not because of what we can or cannot do.

arrow gif Self Image
A healthy self image is not the result of achievements, but rather an inner knowing of being valued and accepted for who you are not what you do - knowing you are seen, recognized, valued and heard.

arrow gif Positive Self Talk
Self talk includes both the positive and negative messages that make up our inner dialogue of thoughts. Positive self talk can change attitudes from despair to hope and provide courage and optimism in place of negativity even in adverse circumstances.

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How to Build Self Confidence in a Child through Speech and Drama shows how Speech and Drama activities are an ideal way to build self confidence in a child. If you have a child who is anxious or afraid of speaking up in front of a class, adults, or perhaps even their peers, these suggestions and activities will help you to help them. The positive benefits will spill over into all areas of their lives.

Life With Confidence
Practical information on building confidence in yourself, your work and your personal relationships with free articles, activities, ideas, quotes. Confidence tips, tricks and strategies that actually work and don't just try to sell you high priced products.

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