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Getting Baby to Sleep

Getting baby to sleep during the first six weeks is usually not too much of a problem is good feeding is established.

Babies and mothers both need to establish a firm bond and this often is best established through constant contact during the early weeks.

getting baby to sleep The more relaxed new mothers can be, the less babies tend to have problems with sleeping. However, this can be a difficult expectation of yourself when all is new and you are exhausted.

Try to take good care of your own needs as well as learning your babies ways.

Getting Baby To Sleep -
Early Days

When my elder children were born, the babies were usually cared for in the hospital nursery, away from the mother and tucked firmly into cribs.

getting baby to sleep

It was the task of the nursing staff to care for the babies who were brought to the mother's bedside only at feeding times. These separations were often painful experiences for new mothers and not good learning times for either mothers or babies.

Thankfully, times have changed, and the importance of close bonding is mostly universally recognised nowadays.

These early weeks are precious times for getting to know each other, learning about getting baby to sleep, establishing feeding, new routines and methods.

Many mothers feel intuitively that they need their babies with them most if not all of the time, especially during the first six weeks so that getting baby to sleep is not such a problem.

Do you realise that babies need to be taught how to go to sleep?

If you understand this, then you can see that teaching your baby how to go to sleep is possible.

Go to Sleep, Little Baby

Babies who learn to self-settle into sleep by being put to bed while they are awake, tend to have less sleep problems as toddlers.

Many years of experience helping mothers to solve their baby sleep problems has shown me that babies who are put to bed when they are already asleep, often struggle with sleep problems well into the toddler years.


Around six to eight weeks is a good time to begin introducing the infant to an awareness of going to sleep in the crib, pram or bassinette. Beginning this now means that the young baby learns to associate being tucked into the bed with getting themselves to sleep.

getting baby to sleep

The earlier your baby is placed in his bed awake and learns to settle on his/her own, the easier it is for this association to become pattern and habit.

I believe some mothers expect their baby to fall sleep on their own right from the beginning, while other mothers encourage their baby to fall asleep at the breast, or rocking in their arms, before placing him in bed. When baby wakes, he can be startled to discover the separation and show his distress.

If the baby is encouraged to drop into sleep by himself,the inner awareness of drifting off is learned, so this becomes the baby's expectation of what to do when placed in his crib. Of course all his other needs have been taken care of first (clean, dry nappy, full tummy, cuddling, play and contact), before his sleep time.

getting baby to sleep

It is also worth noting that babies who can settle themselves are often more adaptable to change and able to sleep more readily in different and new surroundings.

It makes perfect sense that babies who learn sleep by association from the earliest moments have far less baby sleep problems.

Numerous parents have claimed that this simple piece of advice about putting babies into their beds when they are still awake made all the difference with their subsequent babies' sleep habits.

With so many books offering contradicting advice on babies sleeping, here is a baby books guide to help you in your selection.

I encourage you to become clear in your self about your own sleeping routines as you begin to teach your baby consistent sleep habits and they learn how to sleep all night.

Baby Sleep Sack

Baby sleep problems can feel insurmountable at times. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and can create very real problems for some new parents.
I would encourage you to seek professional help if this is your experience.

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