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Children Reading

children reading How to encourage, support and endorse your children reading so that it becomes their passion?

A large key to this, is your attitude as parents towards books and reading.

Recently I was in a coffee shop when a mother with her daughter, aged around 10, sat at the table next to mine.

They had a discussion about their order and when the mother left to go and place it, the daughter slipped a thick paperback out of her bag and began to read.

I was amused to hear the child apologize and then ask for permission to keep on reading, "just until the food comes, Mum". The mother smiled and nodded her consent, and the girl buried her head in the book again.

What I found interesting was that on my last visit to the same coffee shop, I had watched a child sitting, with a very bored expression on his face, while his mother read a magazine and drank her coffee.

It seemed like such a wasted opportunity for this mother and son. He was bored and she was absent and it could have been such a fun outing.

Now I watched this mother, contentedly observing her child who was completely engaged with her book.

The mother appeared to delight in her daughter's reading, and laughingly asked if it was ok for them to talk when the daughter reached the end of her chapter.

Two very different attitudes are in play here - one parent delights in reading, the other uses it to alleviate boredom for herself.

Which attitude do you want to pass on to your children?

Childhood Reading

When I was a girl, my mother drove us to the library every second Friday. We had a cardboard carton each to bring home our fortnight's worth of books. I still remember the feeling of searching for and finding more books to take home, and the excitement of spilling all the books out onto the floor and choosing which one to begin first.

Books were always the best gifts, and to receive a book voucher came a close second.
children readng
Being able to choose my own books is still one of my greatest joys!

My mother's attitude to reading was that it was a very special activity and so took precedence over many other things.

For instance, if she called me to help with something, or if it was time to put the light out, she always told me to finish the chapter first.

Books were cherished friends and time was always freely given if we were reading. Books were given as gifts, any series we were reading was always updated and reading in many different forms was encouraged.

We were given comics, magazines and annuals for treats, and books were borrowed, loaned and treasured. We were taught to care for them both physically and emotionally, and conversations about characters and their adventures were always encouraged.

My grandparents continuously praised me for being such an avid reader, and rewarded me with more and more good books to read.

Children Reading -
The Importance of Your Attitude As Parents

Your attitude to books and to children reading is observed and imitated.

children reading If you:
  • find books comforting and enjoyable
  • read books
  • discuss books
  • purchase books
  • suggest titles
  • make reading time available
  • have bookcases filled with books
  • read newspapers and magazines
  • ask for quiet while you read

  • then you are giving a strong message to your children that books are valuable and reading is fun.

    The love of reading is formed and encouraged by parents.

    It takes time to learn to read fluently and easily, and time to keep up with reading. This precious time needs to be freely given.

    Encourage your children to find a particular series or author to explore.

    Try to have a book case in each child's room and encourage each child's individual style and taste of reading to evolve.

    Children Reading - The Biggest NO!

    The biggest NO! to children reading is a television in a child's bedroom children reading

    Research suggests that children who can go to their room to watch television are often more socially lazy than those who watch in the living room.

    Of course some television watching is both fun and educational, but reading before sleep rather than TV should always be encouraged.

    A BBC news item earlier in the year promoted children reading.

    Reading, it said, was not just a joy, but a route out of poverty.

    It's also the benefits of reading. It's probably one of the best anti-poverty, anti-deprivation, anti-crime, anti-vandalism policies you can think of.

    Launching the nationwide campaign to get more adults and more children reading and enjoying books, a plea was made to parents to spend more time reading with their children.

    I recommend:

    At Early Moments, we’re focused on making the most of a child’s first months and years, particularly in the area of early literacy. The key is finding fun, creative, and educational ways to make reading a central component of their lives.

    Children Reading BBC

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