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Baby Sign Language

Using baby sign language gives babies a way to communicate with others long before they have mastered any verbal speaking skills! baby sign language

I found this an astonishing concept to begin with.

Initially I wondered if it would inhibit a baby's natural progression toward using language, especially if they were able to have their needs met through making the appropriate signs.

I found out just how wrong that thinking was and I'm happy to tell you that today, I am a very positive believer in baby sign language.

I would encourage parents to harness this wonderful opportunity to communicate with their little ones.

Baby Sign Language -
Babies Can Communicate Their Needs

baby sign language Babies understand us long before they can verbalize for themselves.

If you witness a baby learning and using signing, it leaves you in no doubt that they understand exactly what they are communicating. How much easier for your little one if they can confidently indicate that they are thirsty and then also communicate their preference for water, milk or juice.

Hard to believe? Well, yes, they really can!

Baby Sign Language - Expatriate Lifestyles

baby sign language Another way that baby signing comes into its own is within expatriate communities, where relationships between people from many different parts of the globe are formed and enjoyed. The majority of expatriate babies will learn to speak the language of their parent's culture of origin.

However, among expatriate couples it is never unusual for babies to have parents who speak many different languages.

Baby sign language encourages the baby to communicate through a common medium to begin with, while the parents encourage their little ones to become multi-lingual.

An added benefit is that parents who understand signing, can communicate with each others's little ones through this common language.

Baby Sign Language - Babies Can Talk With each Other!

Another use is that babies who use sign language are able to converse with each other.

baby sign language My grandson ably demonstrated this for me as a toddler of eighteen months, when I watched him learn from, and communicate with a young Danish friend in his expatriate community.

Maia communicates clearly through sign language, and taught my grandson how to use the signs. Maia will speak Danish as her first language, and will also become a competent English speaker as both her parents are fluent.

Baby Sign Language - My Grandson

baby sign language
I have often watched Jamie sign for more, more, with an exuberance that made me feel that signing, for him, appeared more productive than actual speech.

The sign for more is the finger tips of both hands pushed together, often at a rapid pace as the baby becomes insistent with wanting more!.

Jamie's version of more is to push his forefinger constantly into the palm of his other hand. There is just no mistaking exactly what he is insisting!! In this photo he has been watching a dog playing on the beach. The dog has wandered off and he is signing more, more, wanting the dog to come back.

Baby Sign Language - A Signing Baby

consistent parenting advice A conversation I had with baby under a year old, using only our hands, left me speechless with surprise. I tried using the signs I know to 'speak' with this signing child who could only say Mumma and Dadda in speech.

Sarai will also be speaking Norwegian as her first language, so we would have a communication problem anyway! It completely surprised me to see her ask for food please, then to specify the sign for cheese!!

Astonishingly for me, I could give her just what she was asking for!
What a wonderful gift.

Read baby sign language book reviews for more information on this fascinating topic.

I recommend this website and suggest you enjoy all the information about baby sign language and signing.

Do you have any hints or tips about baby sign language for other parents???
Contact Me and share it with us....we'd love to hear from you!

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