consistent parenting advice
consistent parenting advice

Baby Parenting Advice

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Best baby parenting advice for the first six weeks is to look after yourself.

In these early weeks try to be aware of your own needs as a new mother.This is your time for self-care - to be able to ask for and expect help from others.

The emotional exhaustion of pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby is commonly underestimated by most first-time parents. This very much applies to new fathers too!

Pay all your attention both to your new baby and to your own needs for rest and try to get help for cooking, cleaning, washing and housework.

Take the pressure off yourself and don't try to be wonder-woman or wonder-mother. Instead, think of what you are needing in order to spend all your time nurturing your newborn.

Baby Parenting Advice -
Look after yourself in the best possible way

This means asking for and accepting the help that is needed and offered, and getting as much rest as possible to enable good physical recovery.

baby parenting advice
If your needs allow, do leave cooking, washing and housework to others. This is your time.

Your job is to care for yourself and your newborn.

When we look at the ways indigenous peoples treat infant baby parenting we have plenty to learn.

In many places, mothers and newborns are set aside from daily life into private spaces where their needs are paramount.

Mother and baby need only consider themselves and this is the expected way, with all else taken care of by others.

This provides a valuable model for us and one that we would do well to put in place long before the time of the birth.

In order to grow and develop, newborns need all our positive time and attention, to be nurtured and loved, lots of physical touching and handling, constant loving response, and to have all their needs met with warmth and reassurance. And as new mothers, so do we!


Baby Parenting Advice-
Emotional Exhaustion

The emotional exhaustion of pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby
is commonly underestimated by most first-time parents.

baby parenting advice With their new born baby, an overwhelming sense of responsibility is brought to the new parents. Before them is the enormous task to parent well and to raise a healthy, intelligent, happy child.

To begin with the tasks of learning how to feed and handle your little one are overwhelming enough.

Surround yourself with as much support as possible from extended family,loving friends from other mothers who know parenting advice baby and mother need.Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Realise that the emotional enormity of giving birth and the responsibility of a new baby can sometimes mean your lifelong ways of surviving emotionally will often be blown apart.

You may need to seek professional help around this, especially if you find you are not coping.

Try to release your emotions daily instead of bottling them up by talking them out, writing them down, crying, laughing and sharing them with supportive people.

Baby Parenting Advice -
Your Own Needs For Rest

This valuable baby parenting advice applies to partners as well as new mothers. Spend this very precious early period of time bonding with your new born and with each other as new parents.
baby parenting advice Make this an important time of healing from the birth.

It takes time to learn your own ways of feeding, holding and daily care of both your baby and yourselves.

Try to sleep when your newborn is sleeping - even if it means asking visitors to leave.
In the early weeks, getting as much sleep as you can will help you to feel in control.
Look for and listen to your own instinctive, strong mothering/parenting intuition, trusting in it and encouraging yourself that it will grow and become stronger as you learn how to interpret and hear it for yourself.

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consistent parenting advice

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