consistent parenting advice
consistent parenting advice

Articles on Parenting

articles on parenting

Articles on parenting from around the globe provide us with interesting ways to learn and read about other parenting styles.

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Articles on Parenting :

Parenting Consistency vs Rigidity

Many of the parents I work with were raised in very authoritarian homes themselves. They are very clear that they do not want to raise their children this way. Unfortunately, some of them confuse consistency with rigidity. This confusion often leads to problems, including ADHD. How? In their attempts to avoid authoritarianism, many parents will create a very laissez faire style of parenting. Its extreme forms are not good for children. Why?

Thinking Poor is Poor Thinking
I grew up poor, so did a lot of my friends, it is a normal state for many people. From about seven to the time I left home we were poor. The only thing I was sure of when I left home was I was never going to become a part of the ‘poor system’ no matter what happened in my life. I knew little about the world and life, but I knew that one thing.

Motherhood was just what girls did

Observer UK 2007
Having children was once an accepted fact of life. But today it can often be a lifestyle decision. Amelia Hill talks to three generations of women from the same family whose different choices reflect the remarkable shift in social attitudes towards families

How Mothers can Handle Unsolicited Advice

Peaceful Parenting author Dr. Nancy Buck Shares Her Tips
Business Wire
We all have wisdom. But, when is it okay to give advice and when isn't it? Sometimes the tip your sister shares about calming a cranky infant might be just what you need to help your baby settle down. But sometimes even well-intentioned advice can feel like criticism.

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