consistent parenting advice
consistent parenting advice

About Me

Want to know about me?

Whenever I pick up a new book or search a new web site, I always want
consistent parenting advice to know something about the author and their expertise, experience and understanding of their subject too.

Helen Dubai
So let me introduce myself.

I'm Helen Williams, the editor of this website and I was born in clean, green New Zealand, however I have spent some years now living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I own and run a very busy personal Development training centre, LifeWorks Dubai, along with my eldest daughter.

I am a parent counselor and family educator.
My life's robust experiences created a strong interest in relationships and human development, and in understanding the psychology of grief and loss.

This led to studies in Transactional Analysis, Progressive Counseling and Gestalt Therapy. Throughout my adult life I have worked almost continuously as a counselor and parent educator, renewing my commitment through regular participation in supervision and learning.

Living for some years in a meditation and retreat center, where I worked as a counselor and a teacher of yoga and meditation has also had an impact on my way of being.


My greatest life's work has been as a mother - parenting, raising, loving, enjoying and educating my four, now grown children.

I am immensely proud of them as people and see each one as my finest advertisement for success in the field of parenting.

Discovering the depth and breadth of motherhood and being a parent still constitutes one of life's greatest joys for me.


Nowadays I am also a proud grandmother to several superb grandchildren, beautiful boys and girls.

Becoming a grandmother has been filled with wonderful joy, surprises and new loves. It has also been the greatest discovery about growing older.

Since childhood, books have always been my greatest delight, and study and education have been one of the hallmarks of my life. Nowadays, writing has become another great passion.

Studying Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and History has equipped me for embracing cultural diversity through my experiences as a regular traveler.

I love to travel and explore, and have been blessed to be able to live and work abroad in some amazing countries such as Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.

baby books

While continuing with my daily life as LifeWorks Director, I also get to travel regularly, and edit and write for my websites. I share this passion with my eldest daughter, who is the editor of Baby Books

This is a site for parents by parents, where you will find recommended books for your baby and about your baby as well as many other resources needed in the first three years.

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Building this site has been a creative journey for me. With Site Build It's reliable support and amazing learning tools, I have become passionate about building a website business that makes it possible for me to not only work from home but also in other countries when I am traveling.

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consistent parenting advice

Happy Consistent Parenting!


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