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Be Consistent, Issue #003 -- Towards Emotional Maturity
June 01, 2008
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Towards Emotional Maturity

This month I thought it would be interesting to look at emotional maturity especially in light of the series of articles I have been writing for the web site about feelings and emotions.

This is a topic very dear to my heart - we have the awesome task of raising great little humans so that they become true to the essence of themselves. We need to ensure they become socialised, accepted, and enjoyed by their peers while also keeping to the true uniqueness of their own personality.

How do we do that conscientiously without squashing their blossoming little selves? This is a question that I have been asked many times in many different ways.

I believe that we hold the key to it through accepting, acknowledging, developing and increasing our own emotional maturity as parents and adults. Seeking continual growth for ourselves and being our own true selves will enable our children to do the same.

They watch us, copy us, model themselves on us and want to grow up to be like us, their parents. "I'm going to marry my mum/dad when I grow up", is a frequent comment heard from little ones.

Children learn best by seeing, hearing and doing - and it is us they are observing, following and acting on.

How we act and respond to our own feelings and emotions is the pattern they have to follow. Scary thought? Huge responsibility?

Well, yes! being a parent is by far the biggest job you will ever have - but.......

In moving towards emotional maturity the answer is:

Know Yourself - Accept Yourself - Be Yourself

To thine own self be true -

Do look at this link for some answers.......

Raising your Emotional Maturity This series of articles, starting with the above link, on raising emotional intelligence is about making friends with our feelings, and allowing ourselves to experience the full gamut of our emotions. This is the beginning of moving toward emotional maturity.

As we befriend our emotions, our children learn how to befriend theirs. You will surely know that old saying - You change the world by changing yourself -

By being yourself as fully as you can, you enable your children to learn how to be true to themselves too.

It's all perfect ....................

Crediting Consistency

Here is the news article for this month - Illuminate Everyday This article comes from

Be consistent. That’s the parenting advice I most often received as a new mom. From that perspective I envisioned that meant always giving the same discipline to correct a behavior.

Later, I found that in the confusion of the moment, that I reacted more than I acted. Consequently, I stressed that my parenting did not fulfill some all-important rule of being a good parent.

Now, my children are older and the pressure of hands-on parenting has eased. In this more relaxed state, I noted their progression at their annual piano recital. Consistency. The word slipped into my thoughts alongside my joy at watching my oldest daughter perform. The word came to comfort.

When I calculate the years of consistent lessons and add them to the consistent schedules for practice, I now see the advice to “be consistent” wholly different. Be consistent in listening to the good and the bad. Be consistent when they are not. Be consistent in what I can maintain. Be consistent in steady support.

More than good luck or good genes, I credit consistency.

Look up the sitemap to read more articles of this nature.

Quote of the Month:

Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature.

Michael Faraday

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