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Be Consistent, Issue #9 Changes, Changes, Changes
February 13, 2009
Hi There! A Very Warm Welcome to You All

consistent parenting advice

Special greetings to those of you receiving our newsletter for the first time -

In Be Consistent this month:

1. Changes, Changes, Changes!

2. New Pages

3. Consistent Parenting Advice

4. Parenting News

5. Recommended Web Sites

6. Quote of the month

Changes, Changes, Changes!

Hello there -

It certainly feels as though there are changes happening throughout the world!!

I'm very aware that many people's lives are changing because of the credit crisis. In other places, the extreme weather conditions are bringing pain and loss to people's lives. For others, there is fresh hope that Obama coming victoriously to power will bring positive change. There are those who have been greatly blessed by a new baby, a wondrous relationship, or by magnificent travel possibilities.

How we handle change depends a great deal on our circumstances, our previous life experiences and our attitudes.

My wish is that as change affects our families, we are able to see an opportunity to teach our children how to be resilient rather than fearful.

The changes in my own life have been to do with travel and meeting wonderful people

Since the last ezine was mailed out, I have traveled to Northern India where I had the experience of visiting the Taj Mahal. It is truly spectacular to stand in front of this astonishing monument to love and one that I will never forget.

I'm writing this newsletter from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is in itself a monument to change! The skyline changes daily, as do the roads! It must surely be the hardest city in the world to find your way around! This photo is of the Burj - the highest tower in the world!

I am currently teaching workshops, classes and courses on Consistent Parenting and Becoming Your Authentic Self here in Dubai.

It has been wonderful to meet so many new people, and to share experiences of parenting with families from all over the world.

I am left with a heightened awareness of the beauty and gift of children, within the context of cultural similarities, differences and beliefs.

Our children truly are our greatest treasure, and parenting our greatest privilege.

Consistent Parenting Workshops

The next Parenting Workshop in Dubai commences on Sunday 15th Feb at 8 pm in the Greens.

If you would like to attend ring:
+971 55 8936524
or contact me by email :
and I promise to reply quickly.

If this time is not suitable, please do contact me for details of other upcoming workshops, classes and events.

I am also available for personal appointments - we can discuss your parenting style and other parenting issues - or you can make appointments for personal counseling.

Full contact info can be found here: Counseling in Dubai

To find out where and when in the world I am going next????? subscribe also to our sister site - Authentic-Self's free newsletter - Get Real!

I do realize it's a moot point about where I am in the world when I write this!! But I have to admit is does add to the excitement.

New Pages:

Check out these new pages which have been recently added.

Online Games For Children

Here is a popular selection of online games, puzzles and activities for children. In particular, do check out this website:

Learn To Read At Starfall
My Grandson, Jamie, loves it when we look at this together!

Healthy Eating For Children

Here are some ideas to encourage different thinking around healthy eating for children and hunger.

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to get out of the habit of plying their young ones with food between meals. It works with babies and toddlers to offer food when they show signs of distress.

However, if we keep up the habit of offering food, especially as the answer to our children's demands for attention, then we encourage an association between negative emotions and food instead of creating connections between healthy eating for children and a love of nutritious food.

Consistent Parenting Advice:

Try this!!

Sit on the Floor!

Next time your children seem to be demanding your attention, stop everything you are doing and sit on the floor with them.

Build with blocks, play with cars, paint a giant wall hanging, cut up your favorite magazines and paste pictures, play cards! I'm sure you will think of some other fun activities to do together.

Sometimes all our children need is our attention - I often wonder why we find it so difficult to give it freely

Childhood passes by so quickly.

Parenting News:

Real Life - Only Better

I loved having the opportunity to take part in Blog Talk Radio in early Jan - tune in here to listen to the broadcast.
Consistent Parenting Radio Show

Recommended Web Sites:

Each month I like to recommend a couple of web sites that I have enjoyed. This one really made me sit up and take notice!!

Quit Coddling Your Kids I look around at young people these days, and I honestly fear for the future of my country. People are becoming less and less resilient and more and more clueless on how to survive in the real world.In an effort to stop the wussification of yet another generation of children, here are six ways young fathers can raise strong, resilient, and independent children.

Dealing With Repressed Anger: Urban is one of my most favorite sites for reading about the pathway towards inner growth. Highly Recommended if you haven't come across it before.

Quote of the Month:

Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful.

~ ~Charles Osgood

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your comments and experiences - it is always appreciated and much of what you share is incorporated into the web site.

Parenting is very much a shared experience, and nowadays the internet means that happens more easily than ever before!

That's all for this month - Cheers everyone.

Happy Consistent Parenting!


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