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Be Consistent, Issue #8 Where in the World Are We?
November 28, 2008
Hi There! A Very Warm Welcome to You All

consistent parenting advice

Special greetings to those of you receiving our newsletter for the first time -

In Be Consistent this month:

1. Where Are We?

2. New Pages

3. Consistent Parenting Advice

4. Parenting News

5. Recommended Web Sites

6. Quote of the month

Where in the World Am I???

This is a great question to ask - and on many levels!!
Hello there - That's me, Helen, at the Dubai Marina with some of Dubai's enormous skyscrapers in the background.

Instead of coming to you from Kiwi New Zealand, which is where I mostly am, the next few issues of our newsletter will be winging their way to you from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
I am excited to be promoting classes, courses and workshops in other places in the world, as I get to travel, which I really love!!

Maybe I will get to meet some of you as you attend courses and workshops on Consistent Parenting and also on Becoming Your Authentic Self

If you would like to have more information about when and where our Consistent Parenting Courses are running, please email me at:
and I promise to reply quickly.

This photo is of Ski Dubai - the ski field which is housed entirely indoors - in the Mall Of Emirates.
People ski past the windows as we enjoy our morning coffee!!
Yes, it is really amazing to come inside from the heat and be watching families ski by on real snow!!

Dubai is the most astonishing city - it truly is like living in a building site - but for me its real treasure is that it is the home of my little grandson! Oh, and my daughter and son in law too!!

I love spending time there exploring the changes since my last visit, and meeting up with mothers and children who move to Dubai from all around the world.

To find out where in the world I am????? subscribe also to our sister site - Authentic-Self's free newsletter - Get Real!

I do realize it's a moot point about where I am in the world when I write this!! But I have to admit is does add to the excitement.

New Pages:

Check out these new pages which have been recently added.

Changing Habits

Many readers have asked for simple ways to help with changing habits around the home.

As I write about the challenges of adopting a consistent parenting style, I'm constantly reminded by readers of the many different changes they feel they want to make in their lives in order to become more consistent within themselves.

Changing habits in ourselves is a very effective way of parenting. After all, we are responsible for taking charge of our own lives. It is our responsibility to sort out our own bad habits and to right them. If we don't, then we are expecting our children to follow the rule of do as I say, not as I do! A startling double message and one that's exceedingly difficult to back up! Read more here:Changing Habits

Toddler Online Games

Here is a selection of toddler online games that you can have fun with.

Educational as well, so your children are learning and developing while finding their way around the great world wide web!
My site statistics tell me that has proven to be the most popular amongst readers during this last month.

There is just so much available out there for families on the Internet in the way of toddler online games. Watch out for more to be added.

Toddler Online Games

Consistent Parenting Advice:

Be Spontaneous!

Try this!!

Surprise yourself! Surprise your children!

Make the time to dream up some crazy, fun, spontaneous activities to do together. Injecting bursts of fun into your daily life is a wonderful way of bringing life to your parenting.

It can be as simple as eating on a rug on the floor instead of at the table - turning the music up loud and dancing together - or suddenly all driving off in the car together to explore some new place you've discovered, or just to buy an icecream each.

Spontaneous acts of loving affection like this always work best as rewards for great behavior rather than as distractions for when things aren't going well.

Parenting News:

The 10 Commandments for Parenting - by Michael Grose

Ten Commandments

These make very good reading - give yourself a refresher course on what you think is important in your parenting.

Recommended Web Sites:

Each month I like to recommend a couple of web sites that I have enjoyed. Try these!

Child Discipline With Permanent child discipline can be achieved only by way of love and by no other means or methods. Selective use of specific discipline techniques serves the purpose if you use them with lots of love. It certainly works where punishment, scolding, spanking, nagging have failed.

Your Healthy Eating Helper: Change your household over to healthy eating----how to shop, plan and cook for healthy family meals; how to make healthy kids' food, packed lunches and babyfood; how to get the kids onside and how to wean them off junk food.

Newsletter Bouncing:

I'm really sorry to report that there were a few problems with sending out the last newsletter, with many bouncing around in the hemisphere and landing nowhere at all!!! If this was the case for you, please go to the links at the end of this newsletter and read the back issues.

Quote of the Month:

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.

~ Angela Schwindt

Baby Universe (eToys)

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your comments and experiences - it is always appreciated and much of what you share is incorporated into the web site.

Parenting is very much a shared experience, and nowadays the internet means that happens more easily than ever before!

That's all for this month - Cheers everyone.

Happy Consistent Parenting!


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