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Be Consistent, Issue #7 Look!! Our new Sister Website
October 25, 2008
Hi There! A Very Warm Welcome to You

consistent parenting advice

Special greetings to those of you receiving our newsletter for the first time -

In Be Consistent this month:

1. New Sister Website

2. New Pages

3. Consistent Parenting Advice

4. Parenting News

5. Recommended Web Sites

6. Quote of the month

New Sister Website:

What a great time I've had designing and writing content for our new sister site! Do take a look!!

I love it and hope you do too!

I call them sister sites because they sit together on my computer and they are very closely related! Just like sisters!

You will see how much the two sites are connected with each other - Consistent Parenting 'consistently' refers to how we grow and develop our own emotional maturity as parents and Authentic-Self is the means by which this growth takes place.

I am excited to finally be able to promote classes, courses and workshops both from Christchurch, New Zealand and from other places in the world as I get to travel!!

To find out where in the world I am????? why not subscribe to Authentic-Self's free newsletter - Get Real!

At present I am writing for both websites the materials I use for teaching Consistent Parenting Classes - Be Consistent - so watch out for them!! Maybe I will get to meet some of you as you attend courses and workshops on Consistent Parenting

New Pages:

Check out these new pages which have been recently added.

Anxiety In Children

As they grow and develop, children have many fearful situations to master and often how they master these depends on their temperament, the level of support, and how we, as parents, model our own reactions to stress.

You can teach and show your children different ways of dealing with their anxieties.

How I Created This Website

I am asked so often to explain how I created this web site that I've decided to tell my story about it.

Looking back now, I find it hard to remember a time when web building wasn't part of my life. It feels so comfortable that nowadays it's just like a second skin.

In fact the whole idea of writing, building and creating web sites fits me like a glove. However, it wasn't something I came to easily though. It took some pretty constant persuasion!

To begin with, when my daughter, Carmen, introduced me to the idea of web site building by using a process called Site Build It, or SBI for short, I have to say I laughed at her!

Who, me? What makes you think I could do that?

And I promptly forgot about it!

Read the rest of the story here!

Consistent Parenting Advice:

A happy mother makes for a happy home!

Is that your understanding too?

A heart full of love weighs less than a belly full of woe

Remember to attend to your heart more than your belly

I believe that daily family experience teaches mothers that unless they are happy, no-one is happy!

Recently, a young mother commented to me that it was quite something to be expected to carry the whole load of family happiness on her shoulders. However, I suggest that this is what consistent parenting is all about.

By looking out for our own selves we tend look after our children with more ease and to feel less resentful of their constant wants and needs. It's impossible to run on empty, and yet I continually observe women laying themselves thin in order to run their homes successfully.

Try this!!

Teach your children that some quiet time is important both for you and for them. Have them sit next to you and show them how to take long, deep breaths. Explain that as they breath in, they can think of breathing peace into themselves, and as they breath out to think about what that peace feels like. Several minutes of this regularly produces a sense of quiet containment for both you and your children. It feeds you!

Let me know how this works for you

Parenting News:

Education and Creativity - Sir Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson on Creativity

I highly recommend you you watch this stunning video about children, education and creativity.
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. He delivers his talk with much humor - it's well worth watching!

Recommended Web Sites:

Each month I like to recommend a couple of web sites that I have enjoyed.

Try these! A wonderful approach to reading out loud for children is Read Aloud Magic

Law of Attraction Parenting Parenting Advice, Tips, and Coaching for Inspirational Parents. We all want to be a good parent. But at Law of Attraction Parenting we aim to support you to be an inspired parent. We want to encourage you to squeeze as much joy out of your time raising your little ones as you possibly can.

Quote of the Month:

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today. ~ Stacia Tauscher

Baby Universe (eToys)

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your comments and experiences - it is always appreciated and much of what you share is incorporated into the web site.

Parenting is very much a shared experience, and nowadays the internet means that happens more easily than ever before!

That's all for this month - Cheers everyone.

Happy Consistent Parenting!


Don't forget to keep in touch

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