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Be Consistent, Issue #06 New Look - New Feel
September 08, 2008
Hi There! A Warm Welcome to You

consistent parenting advice

In Be Consistent this month:

1. New Look - New Feel

2. New Pages

3. Consistent Parenting Advice

4. Parenting News

5. Favorite Sites

6. Quote of the month

New Look - New Feel:

It's been wonderful fun changing to our new look and feel for the web site.

The new facelift enables me to add many more features to each page - to include simple navigation options so you can find your way around easily - to have more photos, and generally more colour!

I love it and hope you do too!

I'd love to hear your opinions - especially any feedback that's also constructive! It's been wonderful receiving all the encouraging feedback from so many of you.

Please do send your reviews here - Contact Me and if you have a web site I will happily promote it with a link back to you.


Many of the photos on the web site are of my family and friends.
This photo of my daughter and my grandson represents for me the innocence of babyhood and the need for clear, firm, consistent parenting.
It has become my website logo.

New Pages:

Check out these new pages which have been recently added.

children cooking Children Cooking
Encouraging children cooking is great for creating a healthy eating habit while improving self confidence and self esteem.

Cooking with children encourages creativity, an understanding of bad eating habits, responsibilty and involvement.
It requires hands on use of maths concepts, planning, thinking, and time management, provides opportunities for parenting and sibling bonding, and mastery of new skills, as well as lots of fun!

How to Build Self Confidence
Step back and allow your children the opportunities to get the experience for themselves.
Many parents allow their children to avoid reasonably challenging situations so they won't be inconvenienced themselves. Is this you?

Consistent Parenting Advice:

Recently I was asked:
What is the concept behind your website?
Where are you heading with it?
What can we expect to see in the future?

I love this question!
It sits at the forefront of my mind as I write each day.

In a nut shell, Consistent Parenting aims to bring positive, common sense, consistent advice about raising families while raising our emotional maturity. Because I believe having consistent parents really does create happy well adjusted children, I believe it is an impossible task unless we, as adults and parents, can be more consistent within ourselves.

The focus therefore, will always be on how to achieve this as parents, while raising our children.

In the future I hope to write articles about the incredibly important role of grandparents, about the difficulties inherent in remaining consistent while raising teens, and issues involved in parenting alone.

Let me know what else you would like to see? Contact Me

Parenting News:

How to Avoid Power Struggles With Your Kids
By James P Krehbiel - Sept 2008

Inevitably, sometime within your parenting career, you will face a power-struggle with your child. If you donít, you may be too intimidating, your child may be rather compliant, or you have mastered the art of managing conflict.

Power-struggles occur due to a variety of factors, but invariably make a parent feel fatigued, frustrated, and helpless.

Avoiding power-struggles involves setting appropriate limits for your children, being consistent in enforcing them, and being reasonable with the management of consequences. Remember, positive consequences are much more effective in leading to improved behavior and help eradicate power-struggles.

Children will respect you more if you are significantly involved in a positive manner in your childís life and choose to role-model the behaviors that you desire your children to emulate.
Read more here:
James P Krehbiel

Recommended Web Sites:

Each month I would like to recommend a couple of web sites that I have enjoyed.

Having had a scare myself recently, (now all clear!) I recommend Breast Cancer Detection A clear, easy to read and encouragingly informative site.

Discover you Intellectual Strength - IQ Testing

Quote of the Month:

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.
~George Bernard Shaw

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your comments and experiences - it is always appreciated and much of what you share is incorporated into the web site.

Parenting is very much a shared experience, and nowadays the internet means that happens more easily than ever before!

That's all for this month - Cheers everyone.

Happy Consistent Parenting!


Don't forget to keep in touch - I'd love that!

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